Why Us?

Yes, you can find cheaper services…

Yes, with a quick search you will find that there are a lot of cheaper companies out there and a lot of them do fairly decent work but do you just want decent work? Do your listeners deserve decent or excellent? If the answer to that is “Decent is good enough” then move on…we don’t want you as a client. That might sound harsh but audio is our passion and we dedicate ourselves every day to producing the best audio content possible. If you aren’t dedicated to the same thing then we will not work well together. 


There are a lot of schools, programs, and online resources to learn audio editing, production, and recording techniques but nothing compares to experience under the watchful eye and mentorship of some of the industry’s top music and podcast engineers like Hall of Fame podcaster Dave Jackson or world-famous music and podcast engineer Chris Curran.

Years before becoming acquainted with Dave and Chris, Ryan worked with, learned from, and was mentored by a group of top live venue audio engineers. During this time he engineered for country music legends such as Kenny Rogers, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Reba McEntire at a venue in Georgia called Concerts in the Country. Through this experience not only did he learn the basics but was faced with several “on the fly” challenges that provided some of the best educational moments of his career and built a network of other engineering professionals that can call on each other during challenging projects to ensure top-level results.

Why is a network of professionals so important?

Audio can be a tricky animal. It might seem pretty cut and dry, and most of the time for a seasoned engineer it is, but there are times when a person might not be able to see the forest for the trees. It is during these times that having a network of other professionals is so important. As good as top-level engineers are, we don’t always have the answer…and we don’t trust anyone that claims too. 

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