Dave Jackson: Think, Laugh, Cry, Groan, Educate, Entertain-002

Recorded: August 26, 2018

Published: March 5, 2019

Welcome to My Perfect Podcast! The only podcasting show designed to help you determine what “perfect” means to you. I’m your host Ryan P. Jackson and I use my personal podcasting experience combined with over 7,000 hours of podcast listening to help you answer one simple question-What does my perfect podcast sound like?

Today we are talking with my own personal podcasting guru. You know him from shows like School of Podcasting, Ask the podcast coach, and Podcast Rodeo Show. The one. The only. Hall of Fame Podcaster The Dave Jackson. Welcome to the show!

  1. What is something no one ever asks you during an interview that you want to talk about?
  2. What is The School of Podcasting?
  3. To you what makes the perfect podcast?

Thanks for tuning in. Next week we are talking to Emily Prokop from the Story Behind Podcast and ePodcast Productions. In the meantime, go to myperfectpodcast.com to learn how you can to start your very own perfect podcast at Dave Jackson’s School of Podcasting or if you already have a podcast and your tired of having to do your own editing we can do that for you at myperfectpodcast.com.

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