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Kuldrin Entertainment (dba MyPerfectPodcast.com)

Kuldrin Entertainment was originally started in June of 1995 as a private film studio. Since then, Kuldrin Entertainment has evolved and changed its focus to become a full-service podcast production company. Providing services such as consulting, editing, mastering, web design S.E.O., and show notes curation. Currently operating solely as an online podcast studio and production company, we plan to open a physical location in the Knoxville, TN area in late 2019.

From the moment the very first client was signed, we have dedicated ourselves to going beyond maintaining industry standards and delivering products to our clients that shock and amaze them each and every time.

Our Mission:

It is the mission of Kuldrin Entertainment to provide industry-leading production quality through the use of all available educational tools and technology and to set the standard and exceed our client and their listeners’ expectations every episode.

About the Founder:

Ryan Jackson started, as most do, a young teenager that found an escape through the hobby art of photography and videography. This hobby, and his personal craving for real-world education, quickly grew into his passion.  Obtaining his first client at the age of 18, he quickly realized that it was possible to combine his personal need for artists expression and another’s vision to create a collaborative masterpiece.

As technology changed, Mr. Jackson eagerly learned new ways to do things to get even better results. This eventually would lead him to discover the world of podcasting and he immediately became educated on the topic and made plans to take Kuldrin Entertainment into the podosphere.


Through Hall of Fame podcaster Dave Jackson’s School of Podcasting, Ryan learned the basics and started his first shows as a way to experiment with the new information. Ryan Rants (no longer available), Kuldrin’s Krypt: A BDSM 101 Podcast, and  Kuldrin’s Krypt: A Time to Laugh, where all started as a way for him to combine his life’s mission of entertaining, teaching, and protecting others from abuse while his latest show, My Perfect Podcast, an interview podcast about podcasting, showcases his personal education, tips, and tricks while he educates and entertains on the idiosyncrasies of podcasting and being a podcaster.

As Ryan progressed he realized that the education he had received while working as a live venue sound engineer was vastly different from what he needed to excel in this world of “new media”. After much research, Mr. Jackson decided to enroll in world-famous music and podcast producer Chris Curran’s PodcastEngineeringSchool.com, which is also the only school in existence that teaches the professional audio engineering aspects of podcast production.

  • Consulting: Are you a new podcaster, an “old hand” trying to level up, or a Fortune 500 corporation? It doesn’t matter because we have the knowledge, skills, education, and resources to teach you what you don’t know and to help you improve on those things you are already doing correctly.
  • Show Notes: The most hated part of podcasting is one of our favorite things to do! We will write your show notes in a way that make sense to your audience and get you the Google juice you need.
  • Graphic Design: Our in-house graphic designer will work one on one with you to produce the album art and website images you feel best suits the mood of your podcast.
  • Content Editing: Do you need to get rid of “um’s”, “ah’s”, “you know’s”, a throat clear or cough or that spot you completely went blank and had replay the last few minutes of the interview in your head? We’ve got this taken care of.
  • Audio Engineering: This is what separates a “meh” or even good podcast from a great podcast! Get rid of annoying background noise. Level the sound so your listeners don’t unsubscribe due to riding the volume knob. Let us take out the mouth clicks, “popping P’s”, and earing piercing S’s.
  • Full Podcast Production: From helping you select the right gear to fit the needs of your podcast to publishing every episode for you, we will manage it all.
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